About Reeporter AI

Reeporter AI is a subsidiary of the Reeporter company.

Reeporter was founded in 2006 under the name Mediatek.com, which was sold to video microprocessor specialist Mediatek.

The company has strongly developed its business in online editorial video distribution and monetization.

After strong international development, part of the assets were sold to 2 major European media groups who wanted to accelerate their online video production and distribution strategy.

In 2023, Reeporter and its shareholders acquired Zmooz, renaming it Reeporter AI.

Reeporter AI brought its expertise in online video to the Zmooz platform, enabling publishers to create vertical videos from their articles.
ZMOOZ’s Web Stories production activity in the USA and Europe will be perfectly maintained.

Thanks to the Reeporter AI solution, publishers, e-tailers and brands can extend the reach of their content on social networks in the most efficient and cost-effective way.